Our Mission

The Kern County Black Chamber serves as an advocate for the creation, development and general economic growth of Low and Moderate Income communities and African American businesses in the Kern County Area. 

Our Values


As a non-profit project, Kern County Development Foundation will always work toward one goal. Kern County Development Foundation’s partners and volunteers will work as a team to fulfill the organization’s expectations.


Kern County Development Foundation will strive to work with authorities across the US, to uphold the law of the lands, as well as maintaining a higher standard of ethical beliefs. Kern County Development Foundation will not confirm any corrupt practices or offer briberies to any government, non-government, or institutions for any reason and will serve all people regardless of their religious belief.

Legal Structure

The name of the organization is “Kern County Development Foundation”, and it was registered under the law for “Non-profit Organizations”. In other words, we acquired the 501(c) (3) status.